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Our Staff

Amal Elghitany

Hello everyone, I am Mrs. Amal Elghitany, a science teacher at MSA. I got my PhD in Biotechnology from Egypt. I used to teach biology and chemistry to university and high school students in Egypt, Kuwait and Canada. I am passionate to help my students achieving their goals. I also believe that understanding biology and chemistry lead to understand life. See you at MSA soon.

Amy Mathew

Hello everyone, I am Amy, your marketing and admissions officer at MSA. I am a detail oriented and creative advertising and marketing professional with 5+ years cross industry experience. I have an academic background in Fine Arts and Communication Management and I am passionate about understanding people and behaviour. As your admissions and marketing officer, I am available for helping you find you ideal courses for University/College.

BIwei Dai

Hello everyone! My name is BIwei Dai. I'm currently working at MSA as a Marketing and Admissions assistant with 2+ years of social media marketing experience. I earned my BCom in FInance and Economics at Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto. No matter where your destination is, I will help you along the journey to reach your academic goals. Feel free to contact me to learn more about MSA programs and anything about University/College applications.

Fang Liu

Greetings! I am Fang Liu, welcome to Mississauga Secondary Academy. MSA is a wonderful place to learn and have fun. I would like to encourage the parents stay active of next generation's education. We would love to have you join us at any time for lifelong relation. The future is bright; is touchable; and is friendly. All what we have to do is let grow in health and peaceful. Thank you for choosing MSA. It is not the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves (W. Shakespeare). I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Henan Zhang

Hello Everyone! I have lived in Toronto, Ontario for 14 years, earning my Honours Bachelor of Business Economics (Concentration in Finance) at Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario. I work in Financial Department at MSA, I help students with official receipts, installments, and much more! You are always welcome to approach me for suggestions on your financial issues. See you at MSA, and have a wonderful every day!

Heng Li

Hi, my name is Heng Li. I am a MSA admission officer, and I am very happy to help you to get ready for your high school journey at MSA. I will help you to reach your academic goal. Also, I can assist you with all types of applications/ requests to ease your school life. Furthermore I invite you to join MSA events/school activities. There are always safe, fun school activities/ trips for you. You are more than welcome to reach me at heng@msaschool.com Thank you!

Kamal Bhatia

Dedicated to inspire students to reach their full potential! Hello Dear Students! I am Kamal Bhatia, OCT certified teacher for Business, English and Literacy courses. I am a postgraduate in Business Administration and Bachelors in Science with 20+years of teaching, administration and leadership experience internationally. Having completed my AQ courses in Assessment and Evaluation, Science and Technology and Classroom Management from Queen’s University, keeps me updated with the latest strategies and skills. 

My teaching style is indirect incorporating blended and Flipped classroom techniques where I empower students to become self-motivated learners leading to high academic achievement. I believe in mentoring students to construct meaningful educational experiences, solve real-world problems and instill global values to achieve their future goals.

Maozhou Zhai

Studying is one of the life goals for every individuals for themselves. You will never regret putting in effort into anything. I wish the best for your studying. I will support you in every possible way at MSA! My name is Jerry, I'm happy to help.

Mario Pietrangelo

Hello everyone! My name is Mario and education is my life. I believe in the process of continuous learning and have lived with this as my motto; always trying to improve myself. I have studied diverse subjects such as political science, economics, literature, sociology and physical education. I have a passion for teaching and take great pride in making my lectures informative and dynamic for my students. My goal is to make even the most complex novels or theories accessible to all my students. One of my main objectives is to help students not only learn the subject material, but also to think critically. I help them to clearly be able to express their ideas in both written and spoken English which will help them in both university and their future career.

Mary Bethel John

Hi Everyone, I am Mary Bethel John, OCT certified Business teacher qualified to teach in Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions. I have Masters in Commerce specialized in Finance and also earned my Bachelors in Commerce (B. Com) with Computer Application and Education (B.Ed.) in Commerce. I have 9+ years of teaching experience in Canada and abroad among undergraduates and higher secondary students. I also updated my qualifications from University of Toronto and Queens University. I believe a teacher lives to serve. I am dedicated to help you in learning by creating a positive educational approach and make your future bright and colorful. Looking forward to see you at MSA, a better place for education.

Milan Pandya

Hello Everyone! My name is Milan Pandya and I teach subjects pertaining to English Language such as ESL & IELTS at MSA. I am a passionate teacher, trainer and educator with a Ph.D in English Language Teaching. I have more than 10 years of experience teaching language and communication related subjects. I have trained more than 30,000 people worldwide. I strongly believe in creating an ecosystem in class where learning happens organically. I always make my classes interactive and discussion oriented. I'm truly excited to help you achieve your goals at MSA. 

Nafisa Khan

Hello everyone, I am your front desk assistant. I have completed media and communications from Humber College. As a front desk assistant, I guide students and their guardians with any inquiries related to student activities and the school. Students may approach me for registration, attendance, payments, volunteering and many more. I am the liaison for students, teachers and the principal for booking appointments and meetings. Welcome to MSA!

Neha Bhardwaj

The simple truth is that if you can help make a difference to a child's life then you will go home happy. Hi, Dear Students, I am Neha Bhardwaj, an OCT certified instructor having experience of teaching in Canada and abroad. I love to teach Physics, Mathematics, Business, and Economics. My passion about science is laid in learning by doing. I always try to make sure to provide students a cheerful classroom environment. I looking forward to see you soon.

Parminder Kaur

Hello everyone, I am an OCT certified math teacher at MSA. I am a postgraduate in math with an experience of 10+ years of teaching. I believe every student can be successful in learning toughest math concepts if given right tools and support. I am committed to provide these tools to my students by creating a positive learning environment where my students develop greater interest and positive attitude towards learning math. My aim is to help my students to make an easy transition from high school to their desired universities. Looking forward to seeing you at MSA for achieving your dreams!!


Hello everyone...My name is Ramez ABD EL MALAK. I am a Mathematics/Science Teacher at MSA. I graduated from Ain-Shams University (Faculty of Engineering_Electronics & Telecommunications) and from University of Ottawa (Faculty of Education_Mathematics/Science/Physics).I used to work as an Engineer in Egypt, UAE and Kuwait.I used to teach Mathematics and Science in Ontario and in Newfoundland and Labrador...(OCT Certified).I believe that we live to learn better and learn to live better. see you at MSA.

Songzhi Zhao

Hello everyone, I am Songzhi Zhao, you can call me Songzhi. I am a software engineer at MSA. I got my master degree in Computer Sicense at Shanghai Jiaotong University. I have ten years deveopment experience on website development in China, and it's my pleasure to work at MSA. My major responsibility is developing new products to meet our furture growing strategry, and I will also cover all technical problems relate to our MSA website. I hope I could work as a reliable colleage with you all.

Syed Talha Ali

Hello everyone. My name is Syed Talha Ali and I am a Marketing Assistant at MSA. I have done my bachelor’s in Business Administration and Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management from Sheridan College. With a work experience of more than four years in traditional and digital marketing, I believe I am the right person to identify prospective student for MSA. My main aim, along with that of my MSA colleagues, is to help students achieve their goals, identify their needs and guide them towards success. I would love to connect with all the students in order to assist them in finding the right university/college for them. Please feel free to contact me with your queries.

Tania Sharma

Hello everyone...I am your Physics and Math teacher. I am an OCTcertified teacher with + years of experience in teaching and tutoring inCanada and abroad . I hold Master of Science degree (Major Physics ) .Iwork hard in making complex Physics' theories look easy with mysimple, unique and entertaining ways of teaching methods which studentsloves the most. Maths and Physics are one of the toughest courses and mytarget is to make it simple and fun for you. Looking forward to meetyou guys to join me on this roller coaster ride.

Vijoy Dhawan

Hello everyone! My name is Vijoy Dhawan and I’m currently in charge of the marketing activities at MSA. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and have 5+ years of experience spread across Marketing, Operations, Project Management, and Product Management. I’ve been an international student in Canada myself and that allows me to be in the students’ shoes to understand what it’s like. I’m here to guide you through any information about MSA and its programs to help you succeed. Feel free to reach out to me for all your academic needs.

Yahao Feng

Hello, my name is Daniel and I work in the student service department at Mississauga Secondary Academy. I help students with their course selection and assist with finding international students home stay. I am here to support and assist the students with anything they need. I am passionate about what I do and my students. If you require any help please contact the school and ask for me.