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Our Staff

Fang Liu

Greetings! I am Fang Liu, welcome to Mississauga Secondary Academy. MSA is a wonderful place to learn and have fun. I would like to encourage the parents stay active of next generation's education. We would love to have you join us at any time for lifelong relation. The future is bright; is touchable; and is friendly. All what we have to do is let grow in health and peaceful. Thank you for choosing MSA. It is not the stars to hold our desting but in ourselves (W. Shakespeare). I am looking forward to meeting you, and thank you for choosing MSA.

Amal Elghitany

Hello everyone, I am Mrs. Amal Elghitany, a science teacher at MSA. I got my PhD in Biotechnology from Egypt. I used to teach biology and chemistry to university and high school students in Egypt, Kuwait and Canada. I am passionate to help my students achieving their goals. I also believe that understanding biology and chemistry lead to understand life. See you at MSA soon.

Anthea D.

Hello! My name is Anthea and I am a Math/Science teacher at Mississauga Secondary Academy. I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2012 with a Bachelors degree of Science in Biology and Psychology. From there I went on to do my Bachelor of Education degree at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. I have done an additional teaching placement in Dalian, China. I understand that many students find Math and Science to be challenging subjects but I am passionate about these subjects and hope to make them fun, learning experiences for my students.

Arthur Huang

Hello! I’m Arthur. I teach and tutor Math/Physics at MSA. I believe knowledge is more valuable when shared with others. From elementary school to University of Toronto, many great teachers have inspired me and taught me essential skills to accomplish academic goals.  After years of education and experience in teaching and tutoring, I am excited to join their ranks and be a catalyst to share what I have learned and to inspire other young, fresh minds, so often found in MSA.

Daljit Khangura

Hello everyone! I am Mr. Khangura and teach science courses at MSA. I am an Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) certified teacher and did my teaching course from Niagara University in Ontario. I have passion for teaching and doing tutoring since I was in grade 12. I have done Master of Science (Honours) in Chemistry subject. I love to teach all the science courses and will do my best to connect with each student to know his/her concern by one-to-one conference. Keeping in mind the ‘Growing Success’ which is a Ministry of Ontario document to support students’ learning, I use different teaching and assessment techniques to enhance student learning. See you or your child soon at MSA. Regards!

Debbani Sarkar

Hi Everyone, I would like to call myself an educator for more than 15 years. In my teaching career I have come across students from various parts of the world and I believe, every child has the right to education. Education is powerful and enlightens everyone. One of my favorite quotes that I want to share with you - A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.(Henry Adams)

Henan Zhang

Hello Everyong! I have lived in Toronto, Ontario for 14 years, earning my Honours Bachelor of Business Economics (Concentrate Finance) at Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario. I work in Financial Department at MSA, I help students with official receipts, instalments, and much more! You are always welcome to me for suggestions on your financial issues. See you at MSA, and have a wonderful every day!

Ivana C.

Hello, I’m Mrs. Ivana and I’m a Mathematics teacher at the Mississauga Secondary Academy. I graduated from the University of Belgrade in Serbia, with a Bachelor of Science, and Major in Math. I have 15 years of experience, received my OCT qualification when my family and I moved to Canada. I knew teaching was my calling when I was helping family and friends with their school on a daily basis. I know most students find math intimidating, especially at the high school level. As a passionate Math teacher, I try to show them that anything can be easy, as long as they keep practicing, and think outside the box.

Jerome G.

Hello, my name is Jerome. I am an ESL Teacher with international teaching experience. I speak English and Chinese. Over the years I have taught people from different background English and I have enjoyed it very much. If you require any help please feel free to call the school and inquire about the great ESL courses we offer.

Judith Patton

I have been teaching English to international students since 1989 and am strongly committed to helping students improve their language skills. I am at MSA to help you fulfill your dream of getting your OSSD and prepare you for your university life. I also am very motivated in helping the adult community to prepare for their TOEFL and IELTS test for their future lives in Canada. Welcome to MSA!

Limya Nour

Hello my name is Limya I am a Mathematics/Computer teacher at the Mississauga Secondary Academy. I graduated from King’s College London and I have five years of experience of teaching. Teaching gives me a great satisfaction being able to help others and have a great impact in their lives.

Mario Pietrangelo

Hello everyone! My name is Mario and education is my life. I believe in the process of continuous learning and have lived with this as my motto; always trying to improve myself. I have studied diverse subjects such as political science, economics, literature, sociology and physical education. I have a passion for teaching and take great pride in making my lectures informative and dynamic for my students. My goal is to make even the most complex novels or theories accessible to all my students. One of my main objectives is to help students not only learn the subject material, but also to think critically. I help them to clearly be able to express their ideas in both written and spoken English which will help them in both university and their future career. Knowledge is a tree with many branches and full of the most delicious fruits.

Michael Juzepczuk

Welcome students, I am born and raised in Toronto and work as an ESL teacher with a focus on helping students achieve their full language strength in: exam preparation, speaking comfort, and grammar excellence. The future belongs to students who not only study language, but exercise it everyday. I work very hard to have learners believe in themselves, and give them all the resources to succeed with MSA.

Nada Jarmakani

Hi, I am Nada, Head of Recruitment at Mississauga Secondary Academy. My aim is to provide you with a full scope of our educational services so that you can select the best option which will help you to succeed. Education is a passion of mine and so making sure that your educational requirements are met and fulfilled is my objective.

Rubina Rizwan

Hi, my name is Rubina. I am an ESL teacher and an IELTS instructorat Mississauga Secondary Academy. I did my TOEFL certification from York University Canada and have been teaching English language for the last fifteen years. I also did my Masters in English Literature and acquired a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Pakistan. I strongly believe in identifying individual language needs of my students, ensuring sound learning opportunities for each one of them and providing continuous feedback through assessment for their improvement. I help my students in perfecting their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a way that they can confidently apply them outside the classroom in a variety of contexts.

Vinu Vijay

Hi, I am Vinu and I love teaching! I am an OCT certified teacher. I teach both Science and English courses. Teaching brings me great joy and I look forward to doing it for years to come. I want my students to have fun while learning in class so that they can enjoy learning as much as I do teaching.

Yahao Feng

Hello, my name is Daniel and I work in the student service department at Mississauga Secondary Academy. I help students with their course selection and assist with finding international students home stay. I am here to support and assist the students with anything they need. I am passionate about what I do and my students. If you require any help please contact the school and ask for me.

Zara Rizwan

Hi, I am Zara. I am your receptionist, and I will help you with whatever you need. I am currently in university as well, so I can relate too many of the students. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.