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Tuition & Fees

Fees and Refund Policy

A Local Student is defined as those who currently hold a valid Canadian or U.S. citizenship and whose family has a Canadian or U.S. bank account. If this is not the case, the student will be considered a Visa Student. Any student who has not been granted the legal documentation (Study Permit) to study in Canada will be considered an Overseas Student, the overseas students have the responsibility to obtain their legal documentation to study in Canada. Each year the student at MSA will be required to complete and sign the application form again to continue their studies, along with providing the first tuition installment, to ensure the placement for the following year. The enrollment status under which a student applies and then is offered admission to the MSA will be expected to continue during the entire time of their studies. For information on enrollment status options and policies, please inquire at our front desk.

The Full-time tuition fee includes student services such as: banking assistance, public transit assistance, education planning, career planning, computer and internet access, city library card application, university/college application, regular communication with parents/guardian and all other free activities sponsored by the school board, more information please refer to the MSA Student Handbook.

The tuition and other fees that Mississauga Secondary Academy offers at a reasonable and affordable method to help all types of students that willing study at MSA. The official fees and tuition information please refer to MSA3.0.0 Fee Schedule with latest date of the year. Fee schedule is subject to change without further notice. The MSA3.0.0 Fee Schedule can only be made by MSA school board, if you have any questions or verifying the latest one please contacts our principal or manager at the E-mail: principal@msaschool.com or manager@msaschool.com.


o Credit course application fee for Full-time is: $300.00

o Credit course application fee for Part-time is: $65.00

o Late application fee (applied when first day of class started) is: $50.00

o Non-credit course application fee is: $30.00

o Chase Payment Tech (CPT) fee is 2.5% of paying amount by any credit card

o Royal bank fee (RBC) fee is $17.00 when paying by wire transfer

o Installment Fee: $10.00 when paying fees by several times

o Interest Charges 2% every month after the due date



The program or course fees do not include any textbooks. The student is required to purchase the necessary textbook(s) for each course. Be sure to check with your teacher that the version of the textbook (publisher and the ISBN) is the correct one being used in the specific course. It is the student’s own responsibility to purchase textbook(s) before the session starts. All students are highly encouraged to purchase the textbook in order to maximize their learning in each course.The student can use second hand books in class, but not a photocopy of the text book or electronic ones. Photocopies of the textbook will not be allowed in the classroom. The textbooks can be borrowed from the school, there will be deposits (deposits amount is subject to change without further notice) made as requested. The school will refund 80% of the value with original receipt; 50% will be refund if no original receipt can be provided. There will be an extra 10% deducted from the deposits if any damage occurs. Books return only applies to the students who are registered with MSA. The return period ends two weeks after each semester finished, starting from every final term PA day.



The MSA insurance package is only provided for our registered students who will or are currently enrolled in our school. The student will receive the information package from the insurance company directly by mail at their registered address. The VISA student (international) is required to have insurance to study at Mississauga Secondary Academy. The insurance cost will be calculated based on yearly rate, and the amount is subject to change without further notice.



MSA students who are less than 18 years old are required a custodian (a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident). A custodian is a responsible adult, who will take care of and support the minor child. A custodian is optional for students 18 years of age and older. For more information please refer to Custodianship Declaration – Custodian for Minors Studying in Canada (IMM5646).

Mississauga Transit Fares

MSA students might need to purchase their own transit tickets. The Miway is a very convenient system for transportation in Mississauga, and the student monthly pass costs approximately $110.00. Students will need to provide their student ID to receive a discount. For more information please visit http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/miway/busfares.



Payments can be made by cash, money order, bank draft, cheque (please make sure payment are payable to Mississauga Secondary Academy), online banking, wire transfer (see below), VISA, MasterCard, American Express (2.5% administration fee will be applied on credit card payments).

Mississauga Secondary Academy Banking Information for Wire Transfers:

Beneficiary’s Job: Mississauga Secondary Academy

Bank Name: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Bank Address: 33 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5B 2N5

Bank Code: 003

Bank Account Number: 1002328

Swift Code: ROYCCAT2

Transit Number or CC Code: 03132

IBAN: There is no IBAN used in North American Countries. For international wire transfers (outside of Canada) we use only swift codes and bank account numbers.

Please ensure that the student’s name and date of birth is included in the wire detail. Please notethat when paying by wire transfer, a nominal bank fee may apply to the payee.


Late Payments

o Fees are not paid within 30 days of and/or after the Due Date will be subject to an interest charge of 2% every month. Student might not get a credit when remaining balance tuition fees are not paid in full;

o Students will not be admitted to the school unless the fees are up to date, as per the above schedule;

o Failure to comply with the terms of the payment plan will result in the student being prohibited from attending the school for the remainder of the term or academic year. In addition, the school may withhold marks and exercise other sanctions, as it deems necessary for the collection of overdue accounts;

o The marks or final results can be expired at the end of each semester’s final PA day, and all relevant files cannot be carried on to the next semester.


In the event that acceptance of an enrollment offer occurs after any payment plan installment date, you will be required to pay the prior dated installments as a catch-up payment, upon enrollment. The refund is based on full fees being paid and will be applied to the account. Any outstanding tuition installments or incidental charges will be deducted before a refund cheque is issued. Should a student leave Mississauga Secondary Academy after a commission to an agent has been paid, MSA will subtract the commission from the tuition refund provided to the parents.

Please read carefully, the following conditions:

o Application/registration fees and other administrative charges are non-refundable and are not included in the tuition fee;

o There will be a $50.00 charge for NFS cheques; bounced cheques.

o All fees are not transferable under any conditions;

o Tuition fee must be used within one year of payment date;

o If applicable, 70% of the tuition fee will be refunded if a student decides to withdraw a course or retire from a semester within the first week of the course/semester start (not applied to VISA students who are first time arrived in their first academic year);

o Any payment plan or installments will not apply to VISA students, full payment of tuition or deposits ($8,900.00 is highly recommended) are required to obtain the letter of acceptance;

o No refund of tuition for the applied academic year if a student withdraws after the first week of the academic year has started;

o Scholarships only counted as credit(s) or hour(s) to the student for tuition payment, the grantedscholarships NOT eligible for any refund;


o Any student who has violated the rules and regulations of MSA and is consequently expelled by MSA will not be eligible to any refund of any fees;

o If an international applicant is refused a study permit or temporary resident visa, the student will receive full refund of the tuition fee. In order to be eligible for a refund, the following documents are required:

Proof of visa rejection (original document issued by the Canadian Immigration or Embassy), the validation/verification letter is mandatory proof from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC);

A filled and signed MSA3.1.1 Refund Request Form must be submitted to the Manager/Principal at Mississauga Secondary Academy (33 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada);

o Student being absent more than 40 hours of each semester, suspended, expelled from the school is not eligible for any refund;

o The deduction for refund will be made to the international applications at reasonable fees for mailing, printing, notary, banking, legal handling, and student documentations.



oStudent can get the MSA3.1.1 Request for Refund Form from the front desk or through info@msaschool.com/admission@msaschool.com;

o The student must complete and sign the MSA3.1.1 Request for Refund Form; and submit the form to the Manager or Principal at MSA for further decision;

oOnce the form is received by the Manager or Principal, it will be processed and a response will be given within 4-6 weeks (this is not the refund waiting period);

oIf the refund applicant is not satisfied with the result, applicant might request to make an appointment to appeal the decision within first 10 business days after the result has been made;

oDecision will be concerned as withdraw without hearing further notice in dated written email from applicant, a new request for refund is needed when decision concerned as withdraw;

o The amount of refund will be payable to the applicant at the proper contact information in another 4 to 6 weeks after the amount of refund decision has been made from Mississauga Secondary Academy.

Please Note: Tuition, Administrative Fees, and Refund Policy are subject to change without further notice.

Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre

No Show and Late Cancellation Policy

As a primarily student-staffed facility, the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre relies on the punctuality and consistency of its customers in order to continue to provide these critical resources.

Unfortunately, our ability to provide those services to students is sometimes hampered when students book appointments with our tutors and then do not arrive for their appointments without formally canceling.

Additionally, our student tutors cannot earn wages unless they are tutoring students. When students do not show up for their appointments, a tutor loses potential wages and other students lose the benefit of scheduling an appointment.

As such, the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre formally adopted policies concerning No Show violations and Late Cancellations. All students utilizing the services of the MSATC agree to abide by these policies and agree to the consequences of policy violations as indicated by the Student Contract for Tutoring, signed by every student during their first registration through online application with the MSATC.


No Show and Late Cancellation Policy

All students utilizing the services of the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre agree to abide by these policies and agree to the consequences of policy violations as indicated by the Student Contract for Tutoring, signed by every student during their first application with the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre. To cancel an appointment, call the MSA main desk at (905) 232-0672. If no one answers, the MSA is equipped with a voice message system; please leave your cancellation notice through this messaging system.


No Shows

Students with tutoring appointments have fifteen minutes to arrive for their intended appointment. If you do not arrive within fifteen minutes of your appointment’s scheduled start time, you will be considered a No Show. Tutors are no longer obligated to meet with a student who arrives more than fifteen minutes late for his/her session, but they may still choose to do so at their discretion.


Late Cancellations

Students are advised to cancel within 24 hours of their appointment’s schedule start time.

However, the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre recognizes that sometimes advanced notice is not possible. Appointments cancelled within two hours of the appointment’s schedule start time (or within fifteen minutes after the appointment has already started) are considered Late Cancellations.

In the event the student attempts to contact the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre to cancel an appointment outside the L Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre’s operating hours (or a Center Supervisor or other staff member is unavailable to cancel the appointment at the specified time), students are advised to leave a message on the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre’s voicemail system (ext. 103). Students will not be unfairly penalized for unsuccessful cancellation attempts that may result due to internal communication errors or staffing discrepancies.


All No Show and Late Cancellation occurrences are reported through the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre’s appointment scheduling and data keeping system, TEAM SHIFTS.


The following outlines permissible actions when multiple No Show and/or Late Cancellations occur:

  1. A combination of three No Show and/or Late Cancellations within a semester or term period will result in a warning email from the Office Administrator or Assistant Administrator of the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre. This message can only be sent to the student’s MSA account (https://www.msaschool.com/home.php) on the main page of logon, and cannot be emailed to personal email addresses, even if that email address is on file with the Mississauga Secondary Academy Tutoring Centre.
  2. Any additional No Show and/or Late Cancellations will result in a temporary suspension of appointment-making privileges until the student meets with the Office Administrator or Assistant Administrator to clarify the policy. For online, regional campus, or students without reasonable access to the main campus, this meeting may take place over the telephone. Appointment-making privileges will be restored at the conclusion of the meeting/conversation to clarify the policy. 
  3. Any subsequent No Show and/or Late Cancellations may result in a permanent revocation of appointment-making privileges. Affected students may still utilize drop-in tutoring (subsequent to tutor availability). Appointment-making privileges will be restored at the beginning of the following semester/term. If necessary, the matter may be escalated to the Vice Principal of Admission for further consideration.